Saturday, January 26, 2013

Back to the Harvest Festival

The Milton Harvest Festival is a week-long celebration.  Some of the activities include crowning a Harvest Festival Princess, a foot race, musical entertainment, and, of course, the parade. 

This year, the night before the parade, the musical group Country Express Band performed at the Lincoln Park Gazebo.  

Country Express Band

People dancing and listening to the band at sunset.

Another viewpoint.

The day and night before the parade, all up and down Front Street, people claim their viewing position by placing their lawn chairs in their favorite spot.

Lawn chairs on Front Street.

More lawn chairs. 

I did not place a lawn chair on Front Street, but I did get downtown in time to stake out my place across from the Grand Stand.  Next up -- pictures from the parade.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ekaterinburg for Nina (pt. 2.)

5. Subway in Yekaterinburg is not very long (8 stations). Its special feature is that the scenery was made of stones mined in tunnel construction. It is not as beautiful as in Moscow, but has its own unique spirit.
6. The new tram line, the first tram. This is a favorite transport in the city. In the United States are not many trams. But in Russia, they are very popular.
7. Industry in Ekaterinburg - the best in Russia. Not for nothing they say: "Ural - defensive edge power" . 
9. The most famous factory in the Urals, glorified Ekaterinburg to the world. Plant which during the Second World War made ​​T-34 tanks, the KV-1 and SU-100. Today, it does not make tanks, it works for peaceful purposes. In particular  this plant produces  trams and locomotives for the Russian railways. Photo depicts part of industrial turbines.

9. This is one of the locomotives who "Uralmash" produces today.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ekaterinburg for Nina (part 1)

One of the most amazing things about the internet is how it brings people together.  I never, ever thought I would be able to connect with family members scattered through the world.  But, I have!  I have cousins and even a sister that I never knew before.  This post is for Nina.  

1. Ekaterinburg in the summer of 2012. Central pond.

I love this picture!!!  Although, obviously, Ekaterinburg is a large city, the picture reminds me of the Susquehanna River,  which I have lived nearby most of my life.  We do not have a central pond, though.  The mountains in the background, however, are a more dramatic view of the hills I see from my own vista at home.

2. A view of the circus and the TV tower.
Spectacular!   The circus is the dome-shaped building.  I think the water in the background is the Iset River.  What an awesome picture! 
3. In Ekaterinburg, in 1918,  the royal family was killed. A little less than 100 years later, at the place of execution, an old hut stood . But in 2000, the site was rebuilt with a grand temple. It is amazing with its magnificence and beauty.

Look at the Russian Orthodox crosses adorning this building!  It really IS majestic and beautiful!  The story of the last days of Nicholas and Alexandra and their family has always enthralled me.  Here is a living reminder of the way the course of history was changed.  

4. In Ekaterinburg, with industry comes developing financial activities. This gives the city a lot of beautiful buildings. The highest (pictured right) is named in honor of the Soviet poet Vladimir Vysotsky. Its height is 150 meters. Not as high as in New York or Dubai, but great for the Siberian town.

This is a wonderful skyline!  I have lived in mostly small towns my whole life.  This skyline rivals many American cities I have seen!!

Milton Harvest Festival, part 1, John Yingling

The 2012 Milton Harvest Festival was held September 7 - 15.  This year, the Harvest Festival was dedicated to one of its founders, its long-serving Master of Ceremonies, my former boss, my friend, John Yingling.
John Yingling, waiting for the beginning of the parade.

John, the story goes, along with Milton businessman, John Everitt, were trying to find a way for Milton to recover from two devastating floods -- Agnes in 1972 and Eloise in 1975.  The idea of the Harvest Festival became a reality in 1977.

Chef Boyardee is the most famous of Milton businesses.  It has now been absorbed by a large corporation, but is still Milton's largest employer.  Back in 1977, the real Chef Boyardee -- Hector Boiardi -- provided the spaghetti for a block-long spaghetti dinner during the first Festival.  He also served as Grand Marshall for the "Tomato Harvest" parade the following year. 

John on the Grand Stand

John Yingling was the announcer for the parade for each year the Festival was held, except in 1986, when he was the Grand Marshall.   

I was privileged to work with John for many years at WMLP radio, and also lucky to develop a wonderful relationship with his talented wife, Ruth, known to many people in the Susquehanna Valley as "Zelda Zodiac."  

Thanks for the memories, John and Ruth!    

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